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Our Competitive Rates and Fees

Payday Check Cashing Fees
Personal Checks 10%  
2-Party Checks 10%  
Government Checks 2%  
Payroll Checks 2%  
Money Orders Cashed 5%  
Insurance Checks 5%  
Rapid Refund Tax Return Checks 5%  
Government-Issued Checks 3%  
6 Months+ Loans 450%  
This is an expensive form of credit. Only borrow what you can afford to pay back. There is no grace period. Interest and fees will be charged every day you keep the money. We recommend you pay more than the minimum payment due. Making only the minimum payment due will result in more interest and fees and take longer to pay your balance.

Additional Terms and Provisions

Method of Payment: My payment in the amount stated on page one and dated as of the date indicated in the payment schedule stated on page one will be due before 4:00 p.m. on the payment date. Payments should be made to the lender in the form of cash, personal check, cashier’s check, or money order. Payments may be mailed to the lender along with the payment coupon and must be received on due date to be considered on time.

Prepayment: I may prepay this loan in full or in part at any time. Unless I state otherwise to the lender, if I prepay in part, including through the receipt by you of property insurance proceeds, the amount of the prepayment will be applied to the principal. I must still make each future installment in the original amount in accordance with the payment schedule until the loan is paid in full. If the loan is prepaid in full, I will receive a refund of the unearned portion of the loan origination fee in accordance with sec. 138.09, Wis. Stats.

Default: I will be in default on this loan and any agreement securing this loan if:

  • I fail to pay an amount exceeding one full payment, which remains unpaid for more than 10 days after its due date, or I fail to pay the first of last payment for more than (40) days after its due date;
  • I breach any of the terms of this Note, the security agreement of any other document signed for the purpose of creating, securing, or guarantying this loan, if such breach materially impairs the condition, value of protection of your rights in the collateral or materially impairs my ability to pay amounts due under the agreement.

In the event of a default under this agreement, after giving the customer notice of right to cure any default, if applicable, and waiting fifteen (15) days, the creditors shall have the right to declare the balance remaining unpaid hereunder due and payable and to commence legal action to repossess collateral, to foreclose on real property securing the agreement, or to reduce the claim to a judgment.

Remedies on Default: If I am in default on this loan or any agreement securing this loan, after any statutorily-required notice, and if I fail to cure the default within the statutory cure period, you may:

  • Declare the entire unpaid balance of the loan, including accrued interest, late fees and other charges, immediately due in its entirety before the date of maturity;
  • Foreclose upon, repossess or otherwise realize on any property securing this loan;
  • File a claim for any insurance benefits or refunds that may be available; or
  • Exercise all remedies provided by applicable law, the security agreement or mortgage, if any other document signed for the purpose of creating, securing or guarantying this loan.

Any delay by you in exercising any right or remedy upon my default will not be a waiver of your right to later exercise such right or remedy with respect to the same event of default or a similar default.

Things We Have the Right to Do to Protect Ourselves If You Default: Whenever I am in default under the agreement, and if I have the right to cure the default pursuant to sec. 425.105, Wis. Stats., I fail to cure the defaults within 15 days after I am given notice of the default, you can go to court and get a judgment against me for the unpaid amount of my debt. You can then collect the judgment by having the sheriff seize and sell any non-exempt real or personal property of mine or by garnishing any non-exempt wages or other amounts that other people owe me.

Expenses After Default: I agree to pay reasonable expenses incurred in taking, holding, preparing for sale, and disposing of the collateral securing this agreement, as provided in Wis. Stats. Sec. 422.413. I also understand that a court may award statutory attorneys’ fee to you and agree to pay those fees. In connection with transactions for which the amount financed exceeds $25,000, I also agree to pay your court costs and reasonable attorneys’ fees.

Time: It is essential that I make any payments and keep all my promises under this agreement on time.

Amendment: Except as otherwise provided in this agreement or the security agreement, any amendment to this agreement or security agreement shall be in writing and signed by you and me.

Notices of Change: I will give you notice promptly of any change in my address or legal name.

Enforcement of Terms and Usury: Any provision of this agreement that is in the conflict with applicable law will not be effective. To the extent not prohibited by the Wisconsin Consumer Act, if a provision cannot be enforced, that provision will be considered to be removed from the agreement, but this will not affect the enforceability of the remaining provisions of this agreement. The interest rate and other charges on this loan will not exceed this maximum rate or charges permitted by applicable law.

Notices: Any notices given by me to you or you to me shall be in writing and shall be mailed by first class mail or delivered in person or by overnight delivery to the addresses set forth above unless the address for receipt of notices has been changed by a notice given in accordance with this section.

Credit Reporting: You may report my performance under this agreement to credit reporting agencies. I agree and hereby authorize you to obtain credit reports on me, both now and at any time any portion the amount financed remains owed to you. I specifically acknowledge and agree that you may disclose any default by me under this agreement, along with any other relevant information, to credit reporting agencies.

Payment of Proceeds: If all or any portion of the proceeds of this loan are for the purpose of purchasing property or services from a third party, I agree that you can make any check for the proceeds of this loan payable jointly to me and such third party.

Independent Obligation: I understand that my obligation to pay this loan is independent of the obligation of any other person who has also agreed to pay it. You may, without notice, renew or extend this agreement repeatedly and for any length of time or release any party or guarantor or collateral, or impair, fail to realize upon, or fail to perfect your security interest in the property securing this loan, and I will still be obligated to pay this loan.

Waiver: I waive (to the extent permitted by law) demand, presentment, protest notice of dishonor and notice of protest.

Financial Statements and Other Documents: I will provide to you, upon your request, any financial statements or information that you deem reasonable and necessary. I also agree to sign and deliver any additional documents that you consider necessary to preserve your rights under this agreement or to perfect to preserve your interest in any property securing this loan.

Joint and Several: If this agreement is signed by more than one borrower, we each agree to be liable to you jointly and each of us will also be liable to you individually for the loan and other obligations under this agreement. You may require that any one of us pay the whole loan without asking anyone else to pay. You may sue any one or more of us without giving up any of your rights against the others. This agreement is also binding upon the heirs and personal representatives in probate of all signers upon anyone to whom any signer assigns his assets or who succeeds him or her in any other way.

Governing Law: This agreement will be governed by the laws of the state of Wisconsin.

Assignment: You may assign to transfer this agreement or any of your rights hereunder. My obligations under this agreement cannot be assigned to a third party without your prior written agreement.

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